Some Tips for Study and Motivation

Hi there,

I’ve been struggling to motivate myself to study this week, so I’ve been talking to people I know for tips and wanted to share them, and some tips of my own for studying.

I only have a few tips, but if you have any that you would like share with me, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for watching.



6 thoughts on “Some Tips for Study and Motivation

  1. Love that you are trying to help others with the struggle for studying motivation. In my non-cooking/blogging life I used to be a teacher and I have a website that is aimed at helping people learn to study anatomy and physiology more effectively, but some of the tips I think would be helpful to anyone, no matter the topic. If you want to check it out, there are 4 videos on YouTube -which I understand you like ; ) at this website. Good luck with your studying!

    • Thanks for that. When I have time/procrastinate again, I will check it out. I find Pathophysiology my worst subject, but there are parts of anatomy and physiology that I somehow always missed in class, and am only just slightly making sense of now, so I’m sure they will help.

      Now I’ll check out your blog =)

  2. There are 2 of us. My younger sister, who goes by Little Sis, and myself – Biggsis. Sorry it that’s confusing. I am a nurse and used to be a teacher and the study tips as well as songs that help people learn anatomy & physiology are at that website. Little Sis was actually a teacher as well and is now home with twins. Sounds like you’re heading for some kind of health care related degree as well?

    • So you are a nutrition student! How lovely that you are required to take pathophysiology! I don’t think too many programs are making a big link between nutrition and pathology yet. Maybe we’ll get there!

      • Yeah, it’s a great course! It’s a Naturopathic Nutrition course, so we learn how the whole body is involved in different conditions so that we can properly treat the cause. =)

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