Curls & Wedges

Man, it is really difficult to take photos of yourself! I’ve really gotta hand it to those style bloggers who manage to take gorgeous photos of themselves, it took me forever, and to be honest, I’m not that stoked with the few photos that I took, but I still challenged myself, so I’m proud of myself for that.

Today I wanted to do my hair like this photo I found on that I found for a wedding I went to last week, then forgot about (whoops!). It’s pretty cute right? I basically curled my hair with a straightener, parted it in a similar place, and bobby pinned a few places. Probably a medium on the difficulty scale too, so yay for me!

Not too bad, ey?

And here is the only outfit post that I am happy with, because I am a picky so and so.

Top: Quirky Circus, Jeans: tailored to fit by Dejour Jeans, Shoes: Rubi Shoes, Necklace: Diva