Welcome to M-inapeartree

Hello, and welcome to my blog, M-inapeartree!

Firstly, I should introduce myself; my name is Miranda, I am in my final year of a course in Nutrition and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m starting this blog so that I can share my life, my recipes, my interests, my inspirations and my adventures with like-minded folk, and hopefully inspire other people in theirs.

The name of this blog is pretty simple, my last name is Partridge, so I’ve decided to embrace the dorkiness that is associated with it and dammit, the name Miranda Partridge does have a damn fine ring to it, doesn’t it?

This year I am starting to know myself and accept myself better than I have before. I’ve started caring less about what other people think about me and more about what is important to me. I’ve also deemed this year my “Year of Adventure”, and I’ve been encouraging myself to try things I wouldn’t usually try, be it pate, or hiking up a mountain. Life should be fun, so I want to share that fun with the world, in the hope I can encourage someone to enjoy their life too. I’ll also be trying something new, and video blogging, because I know I prefer them sometimes to reading 6 paragraphs.

My blog will hopefully be a creative outlet for me, not only to share my recipes (of which there will be a HUGE amount) but to share any styling I’m proud of in my wardrobe or my home, share my adventures and interests and explore my thoughts on self love and self worth.

So welcome and enjoy.